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Pieced Quilt Block Patterns


Scroll down the page to see all the pieced quilt block patterns  currently  in the Library.  With a one time payment of $24.99 you can receive access to all the pieced and applique blocks in the Library.  That's over 550 quilt block patterns.    As soon as we receive payment you are given a password to the Quilt Block Pattern Library.  Once in the Library you can click on each of the thumbnail pictures to enlarge it, print it or save it to your own computer.  Use the images for desktop, Facebook or Twitter wallpaper.  Use them for scrapbooking, cardmaking or other paper crafts.  Each pattern comes with the templates complete with 1/4 inch seam allowance. 


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Traditional Pieced Collection  


Traditional Patchwork Quilt Block Patterns


Compass and Wheels Pieced Collection


Compass and Wheels Quilt Block Patterns


Mosaics Pieced Collection


Mosaic Quilt Block Patterns


Alphabet Pieced Collection


Alphabet Quilt Block Patterns


Flags Pieced Collection


Flags Quilt Block Patterns


Trees Pieced Collection


Trees Quilt Block Patterns


Four Patch Pieced Collection


Four Patch Quilt Block Patterns


Five Patch Pieced Collection


Five Patch Quilt Block Patterns


Nine Patch Pieced Collection


Nine Patch Quilt Block Patterns


Nautical Flags Collection


Nautical Flags Quilt Block Patterns


Diamonds in Squares Collection



Ladies Art Company Collection



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